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President Meloni’s statement on the Council of Ministers’ ‘Pact for senior citizens’

19 January 2023

“With the draft law approved today by the Council of Ministers, the Government has signed a ‘Pact for senior citizens’, laying the foundations for the comprehensive reform of policies in support of the elderly and against their marginalisation. Many healthcare, social, welfare and relational measures will be put in place, with the aim of providing the elderly with comprehensive care and meeting all their needs and requirements.
With this draft law, the Government: provides for the strengthening of home care through personalised projects, thereby preventing elderly people from being ‘parked’ in healthcare facilities; introduces a social and healthcare package, alongside the economic instruments already in place for those who are not self-sufficient; encourages new forms of co-housing; provides for more services and assistance for the most fragile; focuses on caregivers and finally ensures more attention is given to palliative care. Not only are senior citizens part of our families, but they also represent the very heart of society and a wealth of values, traditions and knowledge that is precious to our nation. Taking care of the elderly means taking care of all of us”.

[Courtesy translation]