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The President of the Council of Ministers

The President of the Council of Ministers:

  • guides and is ultimately responsible for general Government policy;
  • ensures consistency of political and administrative action;
  • drives and coordinates the work of Government ministers;
  • performs all the other duties conferred upon him/her by the law.

In particular, he/she informs the Houses of Parliament (the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate) of the composition of his/her Government, presents the Government’s programme to Parliament in order to win the relative vote of confidence and ensures regular relations with the President of the Italian Republic. 

In the event that the President of the Council of Ministers tenders his/her resignation, the Government shall fall. 

The President of the Council of Ministers also:

  • calls and chairs meetings of the Council of Ministers (the Italian cabinet), overseeing their work;
  • holds the role of Vice-President of Italy’s Supreme Council of Defence;
  • presides over the Interministerial Committee for the Security of the Italian Republic;
  • drives and coordinates Government action with regard to EU policies, duly providing Parliament with information on all related initiatives and the Government’s position on the specific matters involved.

(ref: Article 95 of the Italian Constitution and Article 5 of Italian Law no. 400/88)