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‘Italia domani’ website and the ‘Dialogues on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan’ initiative

Italiadomani.gov.it is the official website dedicated to Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan.
This portal illustrates the contents of the Plan and explains how it will be implemented.

Through intuitive and clear data sheets, users can monitor the investments and reforms, and development updates are also provided on the planned measures.

The website also allows users to view the progress of each investment and the relative expenditure, meaning citizens can check and monitor information on the Plan’s execution.

The ‘Italia Domani – Dialogues on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan’ initiative has been launched by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to share the content and opportunities of the NRRP with citizens, companies and local authorities.

The initiative got underway in November 2021, with events being held regularly throughout Italy, organised together with local institutions and with the participation of Government representatives, experts and specialists involved in implementing the NRRP.

Please find below the schedule of events:

City Date
Bari Monday 15 november 2021
Bergamo Monday 22 novembre 2021
Naples Wednesday 1 December 2021
Campobasso Friday 3 December 2021
L'Aquila Friday 10 December 2021
Milan Monday 13 December 2021
Padua Monday 10 January 2022
Palermo Friday 4 February 2022
Genoa  Monday 7 February 2022
Rome Monday 21 February 2022
Bologna Friday 4 March 2022
Potenza Monday 14 March 2022
Venice Monday 21 March 2022
Modena Friday 1 April 2022
Ascoli Friday 8 April 2022
Trento Monday 11 April 2022
Trieste Friday 22 April 2022
Vicenza Monday 16 May 2022
Firenze Monday 23 May 2022
Torino Friday 27 May 2022
Bolzano Friday 17 June 2022
Cagliari Monday 20 June 2022
Perugia Friday 1 July 2022
Aosta Friday 8 July 2022
Published on: 30 November 2021
Updated on: 3 March 2022