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Prime Minister Draghi’s message to the Terzjus Foundation

21 Settembre 2022

President Bobba,
Ladies and gentlemen,

it is my pleasure to send this greeting on the occasion of the presentation of the new Terzjus Foundation report. In my year and a half in Government, I have had several opportunities to appreciate the huge contribution that third-sector operators make to the lives of citizens, especially the most vulnerable: from caring for people with disabilities to providing healthcare services and protecting the environment. I wish to thank you once again for your passion, dedication and solidarity.

The Government has done everything possible to support your commitment and meet your needs. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (‘NRRP’) earmarks almost EUR 20 billion for social inclusion and cohesion measures, from using assets confiscated from organised crime groups to combatting educational poverty in the Mezzogiorno. The third sector plays a key role in designing and implementing these measures.

The NRRP also plans to speed up implementation of the third sector reform, with a number of implementing decrees still required for its completion, as well as to assess its effects across the country. These must be assessed carefully, in order to strengthen and guide public investments in the third sector.

Rising energy costs and the return of high living costs, mostly caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, are putting the third sector, and indeed all citizens, under strain. We approved an ‘aid’ decree last week, earmarking specific funds to help you deal with high energy costs, in particular for organisations that provide social and healthcare services for people with disabilities.

Your contribution has helped Italy to come out of the pandemic stronger, more united and with newfound confidence in the future. Today, we still need you. The Government wants to do its part to support you.

[Courtesy translation]