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PM Draghi’s message on National Unity and Armed Forces Day

4 Novembre 2021

“One hundred years ago, the Italian government made the decision for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to be placed in the Altare della Patria monument, to honour the tens of thousands of young soldiers who died during the First World War.
A woman of humble origins chose the body from among those made unrecognisable by the blind violence of war. She was the mother of an Austro-Hungarian who had enrolled with the Italian army under a false name. This is how a soldier who had lost his identity became a symbol of the entire nation.
Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Armed Forces in remembering all those who have fallen. We honour the military’s spirit of service in guaranteeing our security and our freedoms. They have done this in Afghanistan and in many other parts of the world, with professionalism, dedication and a capacity for dialogue, as well as in Italy, following our COVID-19 vaccination campaign.
I wish to thank all the men and women in service both in Italy and abroad. We stand by you and we appreciate all that you do. 
Today, as in the past, we are in need of your courage and your humanity".