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Terrorist attacks 40 years on, PM Draghi signs a directive to declassify documents about the Gladio organisation and the P2 lodge

2 Agosto 2021

President of the Council of Ministers Mario Draghi today signed a directive to declassify documents regarding the Gladio organisation and the P2 masonic lodge, allowing them to be transferred to Italy’s Central State Archive ahead of time. 

This initiative expands on the provisions of a previous directive from 2014, which referred to records on the attacks on Piazza Fontana in Milan (1969), Gioia Tauro (1970), Peteano (1972), Milan’s police headquarters (1973), Piazza della Loggia in Brescia (1974), the Italicus train (1974), Ustica (1980), Bologna train station (1980) and the Rapido 904 train (1984), kept in the archives of Italy’s intelligence bodies and central state administrations. 

The new directive reflects PM Draghi’s conviction that more impetus needs to be given to declassification activities. This initiative may prove useful in reconstructing dramatic events that have characterised recent Italian history.