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COP26, intervento di Draghi alla tavola rotonda "Action and Solidarity - the Critical Decade"

Lunedì, 1 Novembre 2021

Thank you Boris, 
Dear colleagues, 

Scientists have warned us once again about what is at stake.
We must commit to ambitious reductions of our emissions, starting from this decade, to prevent the impact of climate change from becoming catastrophic.
This pledge was at the heart of the Declaration of G20 Leaders in Rome.
G20 countries must now uphold it and implement it. 

As we plan our next steps, we must set ourselves concrete goals. 
This path requires creativity, ambition and sound economic planning.  
I am proud of the efforts made by Italy and by the European Union through the NextGenerationEU programme. 
Member states have decided to turn the pandemic into an opportunity.
We have embarked on an ambitious set of reforms and investment.
We intend to speed up the environmental transition in our economies, and make growth more equitable and sustainable.

Technological change must be at the heart of this transition, to make possible tomorrow what looks impossible today.
We need a truly global effort, matching the success in developing vaccines against Covid-19.
We must speed up innovation in the field of renewable energy. 
In particular, we must accelerate the development of new batteries, and seek to go beyond the existing lithium technologies.

In the long run, we must be aware, however, that renewable energies may have limits. 
The European Commission tells us they may not be enough to reach the ambitious targets we have set ourselves for 2030 and 2050.
So, we have to start developing alternatives across the board now, because they will come to full fruition only in some years.
Meanwhile, we need to invest in innovative technology for carbon capture.
Today, we understood one thing: whether it’s new technologies or infrastructure programmes for adaptation, money may not be a constraint any longer if we bring in the private sector. 
As I hinted this morning, I would really like to instruct all the multilateral development banks and the World Bank to get serious about co-sharing risks with the private sector. I suggest that a task force be set up here, at this COP26, to lay out a blueprint in this regard.
Before I leave the floor to Miss Nisreen Elsaim, I want to repeat that it is crucial that we listen to the voice of our youth.
At the Pre-COP Summit in Milan, young activists drafted proposals and picked priorities on crucial issues such as how to foster a sustainable recovery. 
And Nisreen has been one of the most active young representatives. 
We’ve heard your voice, Nisreen, loud and clear. 
Now, we must move forward, together, starting with a successful COP26 here in Glasgow. 

Thank you.

Governo Italiano Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri