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How Government is formed

Article 92 of the Italian Constitution sets forth how the Government is formed, giving the President of the Italian Republic the power to appoint the President of the Council of Ministers and the Ministers proposed by the latter.

In practice, the process to form a Government involves three distinct phases: consultations (preparatory phase); conferment of the mandate; and, official appointment of Government members.

Before taking office, the President of the Council of Ministers and his/her Ministers must be sworn in, taking the traditional oath of office set forth in Article 1, paragraph 3, of Italian Law no. 400/88: “I swear to be faithful to the Republic, loyally follow its Constitution and laws and carry out my role in the exclusive interests of the nation”. 

Within ten days from being officially appointed, the Government must present its programme to both Houses of Parliament and obtain their confidence, as required by Articles 93 and 94 of the Constitution.