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Workplace safety, PM Draghi issues statement

15 October 2021

“I would like to express mine and the Government’s satisfaction regarding the workplace safety provisions approved today.
Over the past months, we have seen an unacceptable number of deaths at work. The Government has undertaken to do everything possible to prevent such incidents from happening again.
Today’s regulations fulfil that promise. We are increasing staff levels for labour inspectorates, introducing tougher sanctions for companies that do not comply with the rules and giving fresh impetus to the computerisation process in order to improve controls. We want to send a very clear signal: no savings should be made when it comes to protecting workers’ lives.
I wish to thank Labour Minister Andrea Orlando for the excellent work on these regulations, together with the regional authorities and President of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces Massimiliano Fedriga for their ongoing and constructive dialogue, and the trade unions for their crucial role in identifying immediate, feasible and effective solutions”.