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Prime Minister Draghi's speech at the opening session of the ‘Youth4Climate: Powering Action’ event

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Good morning to you all,
(I’m actually addressing these words, more than to these people here, who are grown-ups, to everybody over there, to the ones under the age of 25/26).

I am very glad to be back at Youth4Climate today.
During last year's event in Milan more than 400 young women and men from all over the world came together to work with policymakers to discuss how best to tackle climate change.
The meeting placed young people at the heart of the debate and in a strong position to shape discussions at the ensuing COP26.
It helped channel support for youth engagement at a local, national and international level.
I am extremely proud of Italy’s leadership on this initiative, Italy’s and Roberto’s [Minister of Ecological Transition].
On the back of last year’s success, we decided to make the meeting a yearly event - in close collaboration with the United Nations.
I am proud to announce that Italy will co-lead the global Youth4Climate action hub, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program.
It will be a great way to connect young climate leaders with policymakers, to ensure you continue to play an active role in policy discussions on climate change.
We also aim to create new opportunities for you to expand your network, develop your ideas, grow your projects.
I am fully aware of your expectations and your great hunger for change.
Both are extremely welcome – we need to do better, and we need to do it faster.
We are counting on you to help us reach the Sustainable Development Goals and implement the Paris Agreement.
Your connection to your communities, your ability to find innovative solutions, your determination to build more sustainable societies are needed today more than ever.
We are keen to listen to your ideas and to your projects – I wish you all a successful event.

Let me just add one word. [omissis] 
First, you are the witnesses of the future; you are going to tell our successors and ourselves as a matter of fact, until we last, whether we are meeting the targets, whether we are complying with our promises, whether we are keeping our word that we have given you on various occasions like this one. [The Minister of Ecological Transition] has insisted on having you do fact-checks. There is a platform. [omissis]  
So, you’re going to do fact-checking, and we’re going to listen. You are going to hold us to account and we and our future successors will listen to you and will have to respond. So, this dialogue in the future is what is going to make a huge difference in terms of policies, in terms of government responses to your messages.
Thank you all.