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Prime Minister Draghi’s video message to Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate

Friday, 17 September 2021

President of the Council of Ministers Mario Draghi addressed the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate, hosted by President of the United States Joe Biden.

Dear President Biden,
Dear Colleagues,
I would like to thank President Biden for hosting this event.
Its timing could not be more appropriate.
Less than two months from now, all of us will be in Glasgow for COP26.
The eyes of the world will be on the outcomes of our negotiations.
On what we’ll be able to achieve for the planet and for the next generation. 
In the Paris agreement, we pledged to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels.
Most of our countries renewed this commitment in recent G20 meetings.
However, we must be honest to ourselves and to our citizens: we are falling short of this promise.
Under current policies, we’ll reach almost 3 degrees of global warming by the end of the century.
The consequences of such an increase in global temperatures would be catastrophic.
The effects of climate change are already very clear.
Over the past 50 years, the number of weather-related disasters has surged fivefold.
Wildfires are ravaging forests, from California to Australia.
And from Germany to China, we are witnessing ever more destructive floods.
In Italy, we are dealing with rising sea levels in Venice and melting glaciers on the Alps.
Severe water shortages and droughts have become increasingly common and are hitting disproportionately some of the world’s poorest, for example in Africa.
According to the latest United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to be successful we must carry out immediate, rapid and sizable cuts in emissions.
We can’t simply rely on others: we all have to do our part.
In the European Union, we set ourselves ambitious targets to reduce emissions and reach climate neutrality. 
We must honour our climate pledges and, in some cases, be ready to make bolder ones.
And we must support our own citizens and developing countries as we undergo this costly transition.
Italy welcomes the “Global Methane Pledge”.
We must reach a shared understanding of the need to reduce all greenhouse emissions, including methane, significantly in the next decade.
And we must build on the agreement at the G20 meeting on climate in Naples, stressing the importance of credible monitoring mechanisms. 
This is just one of the steps we must take in the coming months and years. 
I look forward to keep working with you all, President Biden, for a more sustainable and equitable future.
Thank you.