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Prime Minister Draghi’s statement with Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

I’m especially glad to be here today. 
It’s a great honour to be in the centre of democracy, in the cradle of democracy.
It’s a great day for the friendship between Italy and the United States.
Our ties have always been strong, but they have been made, if possible, even stronger by the war in Ukraine.
This is a special moment to be here and to discuss many issues. We have the war, of course, we have the energy crisis, we have oil and gas prices, we have the fight against Covid-19 in the rest of the world, we have food security issues. We have to prevent, by the way, what is potentially a terrible humanitarian crisis caused by the lack of food in the poorest parts of the world. So, we have many issues and it’s a great time to be here; it’s with our most important partner here.
Italy is a member of the European Union, so for me to be here also means that a piece of the European Union is here. I can’t say I represent the European Union but certainly I’m quite a reasonable chunk of it.
So, I’m glad to be here not only as an Italian but also as a European.
Thank you.