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NRRP, PM Draghi: “All 51 objectives met”. Green light for first Report to Parliament

23 December 2021

Italy has reached all 51 of the objectives set by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) for the end of this year – as announced by the President of the Council of Ministers, Mario Draghi, during the ‘NRRP – Italia Domani’ steering committee meeting held on Thursday at Palazzo Chigi.
During the meeting, the coordinator of the technical secretariat, Chiara Goretti, illustrated the first progress report to Parliament, which was subsequently sent to both Houses (the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate).
In the meantime, the Operational Arrangements (OA) have been signed between Italy and the European Commission. These are the formal agreements that establish the mechanisms to regularly verify completion of all milestones and targets (valid until 2026). The milestones and targets must be completed in order for Italy to receive the six-monthly disbursements of NRRP resources.