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PM Draghi responds to the points raised by the Senate ahead of the European Council Meeting on 23 and 24 June

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

[The following video is available in Italian with English subtitles]

I must thank the Senate for its support to help Ukraine defend freedom and democracy; to continue with sanctions against the invading country; to sustain Italians’ purchasing power; to prepare, together with all the others, the reconstruction of Ukraine; to back Ukraine’s EU candidate country status; to seek a lasting peace that respects Ukraine’s rights, desires and freedom; to make every effort to avoid the tragedy of a food crisis in the world’s poorest countries; in short, to continue along the path mapped out by Decree Law no. 14 of 2022.  

I wish to thank you for your united support; as many of you have pointed out, unity is essential, especially at times such as this. Lastly, I would also like to thank you for another, almost personal, reason: at times like this, when the country is involved in a war, albeit indirectly, very complex decisions have to be made – profound decisions that also have moral implications. So, having the Senate’s support in making these decisions is very, very important to me.

Thank you.

[Courtesy translation]