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Initiatives by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to mark Republic Day

1 June 2024

To mark the 78th anniversary of the proclamation of the Italian Republic, Palazzo Chigi’s main façade will be lit up with the colours of the Italian tricolour on Sunday 2 June, from 00:01 until sunrise and then from dusk until 23:59.

Tomorrow, from 14:30 until 18:30, Piazza Colonna will also be hosting performances by military and police bands, in the following order: the Roma Capitale Local Police; the National Fire Brigade (Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco); the Italian Red Cross Military Corps; the Italian Penitentiary Police (Polizia Penitenziaria); the Italian State Police (Polizia di Stato); the Italian Finance Police (Guardia di Finanza); the Carabinieri Corps; the Italian Air Force; the Italian Navy; and, the Italian Army’s ‘Tramat' band.
The programme will include pieces by: Vessella, Luthold, Sousa, Piccioni, Pellegrino, Francia, Puccini, Morricone, Piovani, D’Alberti, Rosi, Battaglia, Fucik, De Haan, Elia, Di Zenzo, Ellington, Wonder, Rota, Cirenei, Verdi, Cardillo-Cordiferro, Paolini/Pisano/Silvestri, Orsomando, Walter, Rossini, Van der Roost, Trovajoli/Rascel, Modugno, Bender, Teike e Guida, Europe, Offenbach. 
Performances will begin and close with the Italian national anthem by Mameli and Novaro.

Guided tours of Palazzo Chigi will also run tomorrow, subject to prior booking, from 12:30 until 19:00 (last entry at 18:30).