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The Draghi Government: 549 measures implemented. NRRP progress report to be delivered to Parliament

5 November 2021

A report detailing the progress made on implementing Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (‘NRRP’, called ‘Italia Domani’), is being drawn up for Parliament. To date, out of the 51 NRRP targets to be reached by the end of this year, 29 have already been met, as reported by Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council Roberto Garofoli during a Heads of Cabinet meeting on implementation of the Government programme and of the NRRP.
With regard to the NRRP, there has been a strong acceleration in the number of targets met over the last month, up from 13 at the end of September to 29 today. A mechanism for ongoing dialogue with the Administrations has also been agreed with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the NRRP Technical Secretariat, which takes into consideration the liaison required with the European Commission. 
With regard to the Government programme, 549 measures have been implemented since the Government came into office. Thanking Ministers for their work, Undersecretary Garofoli announced that, in order to make even more significant progress over the last two months of the year, monthly targets would now be replaced with weekly ones. An important peak was recorded in September, when 112 measures were implemented.