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Coronavirus emergency: new rules for access to the Palazzo Chigi Press Room

13 July 2021

In order to tackle and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, please find below the new rules for access to the Palazzo Chigi press room:

  • only journalists and photographers with permanent accreditation (‘Asp’ and ‘Afpa’) will be granted access to the Press Room; others will only be granted access for specific events, subject to submitting an accreditation request via the AMEI portal;
  • journalists will have limited seating inside the Press Room and seats will be one metre apart;
  • access will be granted until all available seats are taken;
  • press conference photographs will be provided by Palazzo Chigi’s production department and made available for all on the website www.governo.it and on the Palazzo Chigi YouTube channel.
  • lastly, with regard to photographs, access will be granted to four photographers (Afpa) at the most, in addition to the Presidency’s official photographer. More specifically: one photographer from a national agency, one from an international agency and two freelancers.

For further information, please call: +39 06 67793050.