Brexit. The Palazzo Chigi task force is preparing emergency plans for customs, ports, airports and for providing businesses with assistance and information

8 Febbraio 2019

The Brexit task force, chaired by Ambassador Pietro Benassi, met again today at Palazzo Chigi. After the contributions on protecting citizens' rights and on stability in the financial services sector in case of withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU without an agreement (the so-called "No Deal"), discussions also focused on the emergency plans to limit and manage the consequences of a "no deal" conclusion on trade between Italy and the United Kingdom.

In particular, work continued on issues relating to border controls (customs, health and phytosanitary requirements, interventions on ports and airports, geographical indications and the agri-food sector and other industrial products) and on assistance and information to businesses.

The entry into force of the withdrawal agreement agreed in November 2018 pursuant to Article 50 of the EU Treaty remains the best way to manage the UK's exit from the EU in clear and orderly terms and to lay the foundations for a strong future partnership. Nevertheless, in light of uncertainties in the ratification process of the agreement in London, preparations are continuing in the twenty-seven EU Member States also for the undesirable scenario of a withdrawal without an agreement.