Sana Cheema, lettera del Presidente Conte al Primo Ministro pakistano

19 Febbraio 2019

The letter from Prime Minister Conte to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan on the trial for the murder of Sana Cheema.

“Dear Prime Minister, The ruling by the Court in Gujarat was met with astonishment in Italy, as all eleven people who had been accused of the murder of Sana Cheema were acquitted. Sana was a young Italian of Pakistani origin who was killed in April last year while visiting her family in Pakistan. Ever since we learned of her killing, Italian public opinion has been highly moved by this matter and continues to closely follow developments in the case, hoping that justice will be served. While we respect the rights and independence of the Pakistani judiciary, allow me to express the strong hope of the Italian government that full light will be shed on those responsible for the death of Sana, making sure that they are brought to justice.

Please accept my warmest regards.”