Fitch Ratings, comment by the Italian Prime Minister

22 Febbraio 2019

The Fitch ratings confirm the solidity of our country’s economy which, as expected, is feeling the temporary economic slowdown that is affecting all of continental Europe. We shall go ahead with the road mapped out in the budget bill to assure development and social equity in Italy, while remaining wary of the risks coming from the international arena. The economic fundamentals of the country, i.e. our trade balance, the financial soundness of families, their saving potential, the maintenance of employment levels and the regained strength of the banking system, are all solid. On this basis, in the second half of the year, our economic policies and the improvement in the international macroeconomic picture will add momentum to the recovery that will fuel growth well beyond 2019. We are sure that the substantial public investment plan, the structural reforms made to support private investment, the tax measures that help companies and the strengthening of the job placement system compounded with the basic income provision, will all have a positive fallout on growth and productivity.