Telephone conversation between Conte and Macron

14 Giugno 2018

Yesterday evening Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte had a telephone conversation with the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron during which they discussed the situation of the Aquarius ship and had an exchange of views.

President Macron stressed that none of his comments were intended to offend Italy and the Italian people.

The President of the Republic and the Prime Minister reiterated France’s and Italy’s commitment to provide assistance within the framework of the rules for the humanitarian protection of people in danger.

The President of the Republic recalled that he has always upheld the need for increased European solidarity with Italy. Italy and France must deepen their bilateral and European cooperation for an effective migration policy with the countries of origin and transit through better European border management and a solidarity mechanism for providing refugees with shelter.

Macron and Conte agreed that, in view of the European Council at the end of June, new initiatives, to be discussed together, are needed.

To look into these issues and the numerous dossiers of common interest, the President of the Republic and Prime Minister Conte will meet in Paris on Friday for a working lunch to be followed by a press conference.