The Ministers

Ministers represent one of the Government’s organs.

The Ministers are appointed by the President of the Republic upon the Prime Minister’s proposal and are held responsible individually for all proceedings adopted by the Ministries they have been entrusted with, and collectively for Cabinet decisions. 

Each Minister may be assisted by one or more undersecretaries who have delegated powers to carry out their duties. Ministers are responsible for the policy guidelines, i.e. defining objectives and agendas, and overseeing compliance with the general directives issued by the administrative management. The financial, technical and administrative management is up to the executives who shall be responsible for all the documents involving the Minister outside the Cabinet.  

Ministers are responsible for the offices of their own departments and for organisation purposes they are also assisted by another office of direct collaboration called Cabinet Office comprising staff recruited on a trust-based relationship.

Governo Italiano Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri