The Government

The Government expresses parliamentary majority, namely the coalition of parties obtaining the highest number of seats in Parliament.

The Government is a complex constitutional body comprising other autonomous bodies with specific functions, representing its essential and necessary elements. 

The President of the Republic shall appoint the Prime Minister on whose proposal he shall appoint Ministers.  

The Council of Ministers represents a separate collegiate body. The Ministers are individually responsible for the actions of their Ministries and collectively for those decided by the Council of Ministers.

The Government organisation may be more complex than the essential one laid down in the Constitution. This organisation may be integrated by the Deputy Prime Minister, by Ministers without Portfolio (who do not have any specific departmental responsibilities) and Undersecretaries of State.

The latter assist Ministers in their work by exercising responsibilities delegated to them by the Ministers themselves. Unlike Ministers without portfolio, who fully belong to the Council of Ministers, Undersecretaries do not attend Cabinet meetings, except for the Undersecretary of the Council of Ministers who is entrusted with the functions of Cabinet Secretary.

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